Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  James Peret 00eb969e79 Bumped package version to 0.2.0 10 months ago
  James Peret 7ce1889997 Upgraded GameModule layout 10 months ago
  James Peret 65bb9f7762 Fixed GameAction not playing SFX clips 10 months ago
  James Peret 8503a8f247 Fixed serialization problems 10 months ago
  James Peret 8c29a25f0d Added module config for object pooling 11 months ago
  James Peret 051739aabe Added SFX Game Module 11 months ago
  jamesperet 92e84ffee2 Moved SfxClip icon to module editor folder 1 year ago
  jamesperet 715582926f Initial commit 1 year ago